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12/5/09 11:44 pm - Facebook

LiveJournal is like a novel and Facebook is like a children's book. I like children's books better in real life sooooo. Yeah. Haven't been in a while.

Workup (2 of2)
It's stupid, really, when you have like a bazillion things to do and no one to help and you're sick. This morning as I was taking the dog outside, I saw a cockroach on the wall. It was as if he was sent there to let me know..."You are not happy. How can you be? Your apartment complex has roaches on the first floor. I am just the cherry on top of a too busy, lonely, sleepy cake." Well HA little cockroach of gloom, I got tons done today, and all it took to feel ambitious was make-up and some hairspray. I wonder if hairspray kills cockroaches hmmm.

11/12/09 10:42 am - Today: Pros & Cons

Hubby is home!
New season of Sesame Street
News Season of Sesame Street has bees and helicopters
Baby slept in


10/23/09 12:58 pm - Workup (1 of 2)

The Hubby is gone for a 3 week workup. Already depressed and sad and feel like it's the 4-7 month deployment that starts in January. Thus, emo girl playlist:

Send Me a Song Celtic Women
Call Me Call Me Cowboy Bebop O.S.T.3 Blue
Home Michael Buble
On My Own Les Miserables
My Lover's Gone Dido
Don't Leave Home Dido 
If I Could Be Where You Are Enya
wow I am such a dork, any cool artists in there?
Worry About You Ivy
If I Ain't Got You  Alicia Keys

That's a little better
All I Ask of You Phantom of the Opera
Me? Cool? No chance.


8/8/09 10:30 pm - Looking Back

The Hubby was just going through all of my old livejournal posts, giving an occasional chuckle and calling me over to his computer to read any of my especially silly posts. It was really neat to look back, especially on my pregnancy and Natalie's early months. The Hubby pointed out, after finishing our trip down memory lane, that we have come a long way. We really have, we have been in Virginia for over 2 years now! I'll never get used to all the rain...doesn't seem to be stopping The Hubby from "mowing his lawn" though (using trimming shears to cut our patch of grass on the balcony). I want to get back to writing entries more often, especially to keep my family up on what we're doing, but not tonight. I have mail to reply to, nails to paint, and church documents to publish (sounds official, huh?).

8/6/09 08:45 pm

So much. We are learning about how people kiss and how dogs kiss. It's not going well.

6/5/09 07:49 pm - Papa John's

Hooray for Papa John's because they gave us two free pizzas! Also, hooray for people who would not come pick up their pizzas because of the slight car disabling floods.

5/20/09 12:47 pm - Baby Food Clothes


Natalie took her first steps yesterday!! The Hubby was home for it and everything, it was great. She takes a few steps here and there, but when we try to encourage her to walk, she falls down on her butt and claps for herself...because that's what we did after all. Clapped when she fell on her butt. We also went to story time today, where she walked into the middle of the room and stood there for about 5 minutes. Since story time, she has been pointing to the flowers on my shirt and sniffing to let me know that she knows that I have flowers on my shirt and that sniffing is what you do with flowers. That makes sense. Making the sign for "bath" every time we see the Ostrich in the birdie pop-up book - does not.


I love food. Supporting The Hubby in a 1200 calorie/day diet is hard and I think I need more burritos. At any given time I am usually thinking about tacos. This may be why I am such a poor driver.


I also love clothes. While Charlotte Russe produces some hideous stuff, they always have good shoes, and when they have a sale? Watch out. I don't know if everyone knew, but Jcrew really really overprices their clothes. Example: I just bought a skirt there for $10.00. Yes TEN, 10, not 100. The original "value" was $70. WHAT!?  I almost don't want to buy anything from them because they are such scam artists, and kind of gay, but....$10.00.

5/3/09 10:58 am - Home!

I'm not trying to say that Virginians are "slow", however...they drive slow and they talk slow. At least, slower than Californians. 

We had pretty good flights, went to Sea World, saw relatives from all over, shopped, and, shopped some more. Then there was The Week of Friends when we saw one friend every day for like 5 days haha. We got everyone in somehow, it was good.
It's great to be home though. I do miss California, not just from this last trip, but all the time because the weather is perfect, the sky is big, and you're right next to the ocean. But it's really green here now. As The Hubby put it, "All the plants woke up while we were gone." It was awesome to see friends and family, and show off my family.

Now, I am exhausted!! We have one more trip in the works and then NO MORE!!!!! People come to us.

Baby on a plane with 2 brand new teeth we had no idea were there-

3/11/09 11:44 pm - What is up with Weather?!

Monday: 75, dry, breezy and perfect

Tuesday: Cold. Really cold.

Wednesday: 75 again...?

The next five days it's not supposed to break the 50s and we're expecting rain.


3/2/09 02:45 pm - SNOW!!

I am so much more excited about this than I should be!!

Pictures under the cut...Collapse )
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